Northern Lights in the Southern Sky!

The northern lights appeared in the southern sky on Monday night for the second time in a decade. The eerily beautiful event which took place in the night sky looked as strange to the rest of us as it did to meteorologists– this sort of thing is a very rare event for places as far south as Oklahoma City, Memphis and Atlanta says Jim Branda, of the National Weather Service in Memphis, Tennessee.

An aurora, or light display in the sky, begins with a space storm which propels a magnetic solar wind from the sun. The wind hits Earth’s magnetic field and compresses it. This compression of the magnetic field resolves in the excitation of the electrons within oxygen and nitrogen atoms. Once calm, the electrons emit wonderful greens, blues and reds.

This solar storm was especially strong, but visible due largely to the ideal weather conditions present on Monday night. The end of the World is probably not coming anytime soon. But in the meantime, lets just enjoy the colors.

For those of you twisted enough to want to believe in a prophetic apocalypse…here’s a little Hollywood!

[youtube=] If you had one minute left on Earth would you spend it with Nicolas Cage?