Welcome to the Mindset Project 

The purpose of this project is to get more entrepreneurial in supporting founder wellness.

There is currently very limited data on how entrepreneurship impacts the mental health of founders, and even less work occurring about how to address the emerging crisis that is hiding in the shadows. 

Born out of a vision for creating a better way to support entrepreneurs, The Mindset Project will bring together a combination of research, education and customized supports and interventions for founders to help them manage the unique stresses of running and growing a business. 

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               The Mindset Project Founder Michael DeVenney

               The Mindset Project Founder Michael DeVenney


The Mindset Project will dig deep into where entrepreneurship and wellness meet. The project was inspired by the lived experience of Michael DeVenney, who battles clinical depression. 

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        In April, we'll launch a confidential, cross Canada survey. 

        In April, we'll launch a confidential, cross Canada survey. 


Through a thoughtfully planned and executed research project , we will develop data-informed tools to support personal growth of founders in step with the growth of their business. 

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