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What we do is easy to explain. We've developed a new model for start-up founders who aim for success but refuse to sacrifice themselves in the process. By focusing on the person at the heart of the business, instead of the company or the sale, we are able to build stronger, more profitable and longer lasting companies.

The founders we train pay themselves more on average, experience markedly less stress compared to their peers, have clearer self-defined identities outside of their business and stay in business longer.


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Our research backed approach cultivates success at the person-level.




Entrepreneurs with a Positive Mindset experience less negative impact from the stress associated with launching a start-up.


Entrepreneurs with a stronger faith in their ability to cope with stress pay themselves a greater percentage of revenues, are more confident and feel more accomplished. 


Our research looks into activity types useful in self-treating anxiety. 


We looked into word frequencies taken from online resumes of small business owners and entrepreneurs from across the country.


"“I was able to achieve the focus I needed to confidently make the right decisions ...


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“Two of my colleagues have just completed the Applied Leadership and Management Training program through the All Ships Rise Initiative in partnership with Bluteau Devenney and the Halifax Chamber.  This program has been extremely successful in helping them to develop useful tools to assist them in leading both teams and client relationships. Our company has provided leadership training for our staff in the past, however the skills development and corresponding increase in confidence resulting from this program are far and away the best we have seen.”


"Working with Bluteau DeVenney helped change my view on consultants and the value they deliver. We were very pleased with their approach and we would not hesitate to work with their group again in the future."


"My experience with Bluteau DeVenny for the past two years has been extremely beneficial. I know I have benefited personally, but also our organization. Our future is now energized to perform and its future is bright. We were impressed with the Strategic planning session as a group and we are equally impressed with the All Ships Rise Leadership program. We met great entrepreneurs with similar growing challenges. I have seen a dramatic difference in the team members in this program. They are using the material they have learned to build a stronger organization."


Let's work together! 

Michael DeVenney, President, Bluteau DeVenney and Co., Founder, The Mindset Project

Michael DeVenney, President, Bluteau DeVenney and Co., Founder, The Mindset Project

We have introduced a new model for entrepreneurs to Start It, Build It, Scale It, and Lead It  so they grow the business they want.

Based on a Build to Grow Mindset we work with entrepreneurs with existing or new businesses to apply smart growth concepts to scale up, having a meaningful impact and quality of life.

We envision an entrepreneurial market where entrepreneurs and investors work together to create high-growth companies that last and create value.

Let's figure out a solution to your unique situation, together!