The real question facing leaders is how to create a working environment that maximizes the capacity of people to optimize their performance to achieve growth while protecting their wellbeing.

The singular responsibility of leaders of businesses and organizations is to provide a working environment where employees are engaged to work to provide an excellent customer experience that in turn provides a sustainable and growing revenue stream.

With the incredibly increased pace of change today, the leader is also faced with the need to have employees not only ready and responsive to change but rather to think ahead of what is coming and innovate in advance to take advantage of the opportunity.

Despite the greater need for enhanced people performance, with the pressure to move faster, further and with less, employees feel more stress to the point that 62% of the workforce faces potential work burnout. The paradox that leaders face is that the greater the need for worker performance, the more the working environment creates stress that limits the potential of those same workers.

“It all comes down to energy. I need my teams to be able to meet the changing dynamics of the business. When the energy is negative, it affects everything and everyone.”

CEO interviewee

The expectation placed on the leader of their business is to get more and more from their employees. Yet improving the workplace performance of the business has become more challenging from hyper-competition while the pressure to grow and innovate has never been higher.

But despite developments in technology, maximizing cost and process efficiency, and efforts to enhance worker experience through wellness programs, the average business operates at 42% of its potential to grow. While our capacity to work make appear higher and the perception that we are all busier, we have seen continued drops in productivity, engagement, and wellbeing. We’re busier, but to what end?

The question for leaders who want their organizations to succeed in growing to their potential is: do you know how much stress is limiting the performance and potential of your business?

Stress plays an important role in the workplace. In the simplest terms, experiencing stress means that something we care about is at risk. Without stress, there is no meaning to what we do. But how we choose to respond to that stress will impact the success of the entrepreneur and his or her business.

What if the stress in an organization was a positive force of action: focusing attention, building energy, and creating the opportunity to develop and grow. Performance would escalate with enhanced productivity, creativity, and decision making. And, more importantly, the workforce would be healthy with a higher degree of overall wellbeing.

We are presently developing and testing a product that will revolutionize how businesses grow and provide a healthy working experience for employees.



We will package data-driven solutions to optimize business performance by measuring and resolving the response to stress of leaders and their employees to improve the flow of positive energy for motivated action and enhanced wellbeing.



We want to disrupt the way we work today. Something is not working. And we are stuck not reaching our potential.

Energy moves people to take action. The working experience affects whether that energy will be positive or not. And energy can be changed for the better.

How people approach their work, the relationships between teams, from the frontline to management to leadership can be positive, strained or even fearful. This flow of energy affects an organization’s ability to succeed.

If the energy is blocked at a level or team, it affects the organization’s ability to reach the potential to be creative or innovative, productive, or make change or growth happen.

We need to measure the mindset – how people think, feel and act – of an organization to optimize the approach to work top down, bottom up, we identify how to support people to function at their best.

We are not afraid to push boundaries. Founded in our desire to have a positive impact and make change happen for the better, we apply our curiosity to ask and listen to understand and learn. While caring about the wellbeing of others we work with honesty to provide the truth with respect.

The product will assess the dynamics of stress for the leader and the organization and measure the capacity of the business to perform optimally. It is also an approach to measure optimal performance in the tension of competency and challenge to be productive and creative within healthy wellbeing.

Our product is currently under development and working through user trials and if you have further questions or are interested in being part of the research, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following address:



Michael DeVenney