Journey Campaign

The Journey Campaign is focused on having the courageous Phoenix Youth heard.

Over the course of the project, we will hear from past and present attendees regarding what life was like before, during and after Phoenix.

In their own words, we will hear of the struggle youth in the program faced before entering the program, what they learned while in the program and what goals they aim to achieve once leaving the program.

Through this innovative approach to fundraising, engagement and youth empowerment we aim to set-up a private funding stream capable of allowing Phoenix Youth to continue the powerful and inspiring work that they do.

My commitment is to match each dollar of your donations to a total of $25 thousand so we can raise $50 thousand to support these brave young people in making sense of where they are in order to move forward confidently on their journey. Please donate generously.

Please help the most vulnerable in our community by donating now.


Phoenix Youth

I have been involved with Phoenix Youth since 1995.

I began donating and volunteering as a way to give back, eventually becoming a board member and committee chair. Today, i'm proud to be contributing my personal struggle with depression to help launch an initiative we're calling the Phoenix Journey Project.

I hope by sharing my story, coupled with the stories of the brave Phoenix Youth, we can continue the fight against the stigma attached to mental health, especially surrounding the youth — our leaders of tomorrow.


Why Phoenix?

Phoenix actually creates change. Their campaign of ongoing and active forgiveness is just one element of the organization that has impressed me from the beginning.

Some kids in the Phoenix program might falter and fall back (none of us are perfect) but the staff at Phoenix are always there to welcome back those who struggle. The level of understanding and patience is unlike anything I ever experienced.

With a clear vision forward — how best to provide guidance to youth struggling to find their worth in the world with the end goal of creating happy, contributing members of society — Phoenix Youth has a plan for success for every youth that walks through their doors.

Success planning is made-to-fit at Phoenix, they might help with education and preparing students for employment, helping with addictions, food or housing or by just simply listening. The underlying question always remains: how do you help youth escape the conditions they were forced into in order to become valued, contributing members of society —  which in our own way, every one of us wants.

What impresses me most in talking and working with youth at Phoenix is the amount of courage they have.

For me, the courage to act like who I really was, to stand up, get moving and find help was so difficult that it did not occur to me until late in life.

Many youth at Phoenix are already at this point, ready to make the changes necessary, but their progress is halted due to financial reasons. For example, many Youth are not even able to afford the assessments required out-of-pocket to officially diagnosis their mental health conditions.

This just isn't right.